La Tristesse

'Cakes' painting

This is a painting done by Gerard Boersma called 'Cakes - Painting Of Woman Enjoying Painting By Wayne Thiebaud'. Thiebaud is a prominent American artist.


Last week I posted this on my Facebook and tagged Teri in it and said I thought Boersma had done a good job of channelling Teri in it.

She totally ignored me...AGAIN. This is the reason I unfriended her about 5 years ago and was surprised when she asked to be friends again. Then I had sent her an ebook about pandas to her messenger. Total ignore. This time I posted the painting with the same result. If you could see Teri's incessant photos of herself, you'd see that this painting is spot on and quite beautiful actually. Teri could have been the model.

I took it off, and considering that everyone ignores 99 and 9/10ths of my posts, I made them all private back to 2016. Fuck it.